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Introvert (but do a mean impression of an extrovert). A little obsessed with uncluttering life. Very obsessed with films, books and anything that’s brain food + heart-racing. People observer. Love understanding the story behind everything.

Graduated from Harvard. Working in film production since 1995. Write fiction. Give workshops on storytelling. Lived/studied/worked in the UK, US, India, Bangladesh, Italy and Kuwait.  Travel with only a carry–on. Actually, as I don’t have a fixed base, I mostly live out of this one carry–on.

There is a new sister site to this blog called thetinlife.com. It’s about holistic living for curious minds. Please check it out!

I always love hearing from you! Please email me any time to let me know your thoughts on folding versus rolling clothes in a suitcase, which paint brush you can’t live without, or just to say hi. You can email me at nupu [at] nupupress.com or by using the form below.