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Introvert (though do a mean impression of an extrovert).
People observer.
Love understanding the story behind everything.


Hi! My name is Nupu Press. Here’s a little more about me:

FILM: I worked in feature film production for 25 years for, among others, Universal, Working Title, and Channel 4; on films like The Bourne Supremacy and The Guru, and with directors such as Mira Nair, Paul Greengrass, and Deepa Mehta. I also headed production for Disney India and was VP of production at Cinestaan Film Company. 

WRITING: My short stories and essays have been published in literary journals in the UK and India. I was a newspaper columnist (twice) in Bangladesh. I also edited and co-edited a dozen non-fiction books, including one for MoMA, New York. 

TALKS: I teach workshops and give talks at schools, colleges, companies and festivals on creativity and storytelling (please see the EVENTS section of this website for upcoming news). 

ART: The pandemic turned my world upside down, and after some despair and hand wringing, I am thrilled to say that I have circled back to my big first love – art! I’m currently working on some book projects, which is MASSIVELY exciting. 

You can see some of my current artwork on Instagram (where I post regularly!). 

Here’s a diagram to explain my background: 

nupu–press-Map-of-My–Life.part1nupu–press–map–of–my–life–part2nupu–press–a Map of My Life–part3nupu–press–Map of My Life.part4

I move mostly between the UK, the US, India and Bangladesh, but I love hearing from you wherever you are in the world!

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