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This post first appeared on TheTinLife on 15 December 2020.

“Try anyway.” — Barack Obama 

Hello my lovelies, 

I noticed how so many people began new podcasts, blogs and enterprises in this collective freaky time that is the pandemic. I was one of them. This blog, The Tin Life, was born in the early days of lockdown. 

I’ve been blogging on since 2013. I created The Tin Life as a separate space to devote to creativity and holistic living. I felt I needed a dedicated place because I wanted to remind myself that these things were important, even critical. I didn’t realise that just saying as much out loud would lead me to take my own advice quite so definitively! 

As many of you know, I’m perpetually streamlining my life. This year – thanks to the clarity gifted by the pandemic – I’ve begun consolidating it too. Being stretched between multiple continents (I pay taxes in three countries! It’s as laborious and hideous as it sounds) and feeling fragmented was taking an existential toll. 

Now comes the season to simplify. 

I’m taking a break from the film industry after working in it for 25 years. I’m eliminating one of the countries from my perpetual rotation (and with it, insane bureaucracy that has frequently driven me to tears and palpitations). I sold or gave away 99% of my belongings and went back to my favourite way to live: everything I need fitting on my back.

With each step of decluttering comes insight and courage to do more. 

Fewer clothes. Less technology. Fewer toiletries.

One plan, one direction, one theme. 

And so I have decided to merge this website with so all content can be in one place. This means farewell to The Tin Life. 

The Tin Life was meant to be a safe space to talk about things that I felt too exposed to share elsewhere. I wanted to talk about emotional eating, a topic that immediately triggers a shame spiral in me. I wanted to talk about my obsessive compulsive tendencies, which used to cause shame but now I feel rather defiant as I begin to own this part of myself. 

These and other topics are still ones I want to understand better. Some feel better served in  writing but in longer form than possible in a blog post. After I started drawing again, some feel right to approach using images and words together. All of this is a wild experiment! I’m interested to see where it goes. 

I’m a firm believer in sharing work; if a tree falls in a forest, etc etc. Having left social media years ago for various reasons, I’ve gathered the courage to recently start posting my drawings on Instagram. For longer think pieces, I will continue to blog.  

This is therefore the last post on this blog. Posts from The Tin Life will be migrated and absorbed into this month, and this website will become inactive. 

If you’re not already a subscriber, I do hope you will join me on It’s moving into its eighth year as a blog, so there’s a lot of back content to explore, including much on simplicity, creativity, fascinating people doing wonderful things, as well as odes to favourite books and films. I’ll continue to post new content there about once a month. 

Thank you so very much for having joined me here. It’s truly meant the world to me to know there are like-minded people out there interested in the same things I am. 

I love getting your emails and hearing about your lives. Please always feel free to reach out to me at nupu [at] or use the contact form here. 

I look forward to continuing the conversation. 

Please connect with me on Instagram here. And you can subscribe to here. 

With much love and gratitude to each of you,

Nupu xx

“You must go on adventures to find out where you belong.” — Sue Fitzmaurice

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