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“Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest.” — Freya Stark

Ah, a brand spankingly shiny new year! Love it. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Less pinging and more focus. I have turned off the vibration alerts for texts and emails, and keeping my phone on silent.

Less shopping and more creativity. As I believe Oprah once said: if you’re not happy with what you already have, what makes you think you’re going to happy with more? I realise I have more than enough of everything that money can buy. For a new need there’s either a creative solution or I can do without it.

Less planning and more spontaneity. Big one for me with my producer habits.

Less to do and more doing. I’m curious to try something I’ve never ever done before in all my adult life: give up my to do list.  If the task is super important then I’ll remember. If it’s not then I don’t need to do it!

Less chatter and more quiet.

Less bolting and more ownership. When I’d feel embarrassment, hurt, anger and especially if I felt rage, shame or humiliation, I’d do a magic trick called bolting. It was as if the painful emotions were gone… because I’d numb or distract myself to oblivion. Now I want to hold myself – acknowledge and accept the feelings – then move on.

Less (way, way less) social media and more face to face. Especially one-on-ones.

Less mindlessness and more connection. Not cooking because I could order food from any hundreds of nearby restaurants and have it delivered piping hot felt like I had a superpower. Then I began to feel what I imagine a lonely millionaire who pays hookers feels like: all these options yet they start to feel same old same old after a point, frustratingly hollow, with no soul involved. So I recently started to buy all my groceries and cook each and every meal. It seems less convenient but I avoid industrial oils, cheap salt, fillers, sugars, and a whole host of ingredients my gut doesn’t recognise or like. Bonus: I now feel connected to my food, which is my – and therefore my life’s – sustenance. Definitely something I wish to continue through the year.

Less judgment and more acceptance. Of others and myself.

Less history and more current. I have a stack of unread books that feel kinda stale because my original pull to them has waned. I don’t have the heart to dump them without reading them – I’m sure they’re good books – but I know I’d much rather read whatever is calling to me at that moment, when I’ll derive the most satisfaction from it. My goal is to clear the backlog and have only one book at a time.

Less news, less surfing, less email. 

Less obligation and more honesty. Nobody else really ultimately cares whether I go to their soiree or not. I’d much prefer to do whatever makes my heart sing.

Less black and more colour.

Less angst and more play. When I feel the stress levels rising I want to walk, sprint, swing a kettlebell or do the 5 Tibetans.

Less input and more output. Because I work in the creative field I can justify spending my days consuming art. This year I want to focus more on putting my work out there instead.

Less sugar and more fat. Yum.

Less armour and more authenticity. I used to think vulnerability was an outside destination – like somewhere to aspire to reach one day. But actually vulnerability is inherent and authentic, as is love. It’s the bravado which became my second skin that I need to remove. I’m ready to come home to me.

Less anxiety and more trust. I got this.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Want to make this the bestest year?

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5 thoughts on “Less and More in 2018

  1. “Less armour and more authenticity” absolutely smashing! God bless you, exactly what I feel is so missing! Also, “Less obligation and more honesty”, so very important to glean our lives of fluff. But the best for me is the glimmer of hope renewed for “your book”. Please do get it out this year. Although I am getting better at waiting these days, but some days are very tough you know :) Wish you a loving and bountiful New Year.

    1. Thank you so much, Pragya! This means so much to me. Even though we have never met, I have named a character in my book after you :)) I hope I at least finish it on my end this year. Wishing you the bestest year ahead!

  2. Beautiful ! “Less (way, way less) social media and more face to face. Especially one-on-ones.” Yes thats my realization too, since early 2017 I left all that. When we get rid of ‘artificiality’ in the life then we are able to see the natural flow within and where this flow is leading us. Its really great to see that ‘when we dive deeper in the ocean, we may have different experiences but similar findings’ -:). I am also trying to apply more natural and organic way of doing things at our work place , which earlier I found very ‘demanding’ (from my side) as well as film and entertainment industry is concern, but latter on realised that at least I can try to create a healthy creative atmosphere even in small space , which we have and then let it grow further. In order to continue this process we are sharing one page ‘draft’ (along with official communications) to all our patrons and new team members who are joining us first time with heading ‘Celebrating Creativity Together’ which is nothing but describing our way working. You inspire a lot , More power to you !!

    1. Thank you! It sounds empowering to figure out the way YOU wish to work rather than conforming to the (often poorer) standards set by others. All the best for this year!

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